We make selling your gear easy.
Bring us the goods and we'll do the rest. 

What we take

We accept in season used (and new) clothing & gear from the past 10-12 years in great, working condition. We make some age exceptions for clothing & gear with retro appeal. We stick to reputable outdoor brands like those you’d find at MEC.
All items are assessed on a case-by-case basis. All clothing (including outwear) and sleeping bags must be freshly laundered.

What we don't take

No helmets, harnesses, ropes, chamois/padded  shorts unless new with tags
Non-outdoor or department store brands
No clothing or gear that is older than 10-12 years (unless it has retro appeal)

How much do I get?

Our payout scale is based on the selling price of each item.

Under $100: You get 50% 
$100-300: You get 60%
$300 & up:  You get 80%

Use your credit in store and receive 5% extra. 

We payout via e-transfer or check. PayPal is also available for a small fee ($3). Email, call, or pop in to request a payout.

How long are items kept?

We keep all items on a 90 day contract. Every 30 days, the price of an item automatically lowers by 10% to encourage it to sell. After 90 days, we will send you an email to pick up or choose to donate your items. All consignor items not picked up within 14 will be  donated to local nonprofits. 

How are items priced?

We price items based on original MSRP,  age, condition, demand, and our knowledge of the industry. We strive to price items fairly for the consignor and the purchaser. Have a goal price in mind? Let us know when you drop off. 

We're taking summer consignment!

Gear we love

Warm weather outdoor clothing

Outdoor footwear: hiking boots, bike shoes, running shoes, sandals, paddling shoes

Bike gear & accessories: packs, clothing, gloves, glasses, pads, some components

Backpacks & bags

Paddling gear: drysuits/tops, wetsuits, paddles, PFDs, dry bags, some vessels like SUPs & kayaks

Camping gear: tents, sleeping bags & pads, stoves, cookware, trekking poles, etc.

Climbing shoes, chalk bags, some pro, bouldering pads, mountaineering gear

Bike/boat racks & cargo boxes